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News October 7th 2021-
Hello Folks.. Not A lot of News to Cover, as we all Know..
Lifes Been tough on everyone This Last Yr & A Half...
I Have Lost Most of My Followers, Friends, Support...  :( 
& With that I've Lost The Desire to Be Creative.
I Know, or Well, I hope it won't Last...
But to Be Truthful, I'm Just Not Sure.
I Have Little to No Desire to Create, As it Seems For Whatever Reason,
Few Really Care About What I Create Anymore.
So... Yeah... 
I Do however Want Those of You Who Do Enjoy My Artwork & Creativity to Know
How Much you Truly Mean to Me, You Are Keeping Me Alive, &  I Thank You.
I Just Wish I Could Find Whatever THAT Thing is That Some People Have, to Where
So Many Folks Are Willing to Support Their Creativity .. I Sort of Had it For a Few yrs, But Seem to Have
Lost What ever Magic It Is...
Man I Hate to Seem So Down.. & I Hate that My Depression if Kicking Back in...
I've Been Good with that For a Really Long Time,
But with Life & All Thats Been Happening, It's Just Gotten, Really Hard.
I'm Not Sure How Long I Can Keep Kidding Myself...
Thank You to Those WHo Support & Show Luv, It Means the World to Me.
I Hope to Create More Soon.
Just Not Sure When, or if it Even Matters Anymore.
If You Happen to Be Able Too & Or Feel the Need to Donate to A Artist in Need
Hit This Link & Donate to My Art -  Paypal Donation

News July 14th 2021-
Hello Folks, Not A Large Update Here, Life Continues to Get in My Way...
I' am Still Creating, and You Can Always Find My Latest Creations on Either Deviantart
Or My Facebook Page.
I Did However Add 5 New Wallpapers to My Vol 2 Page Here, Go Have a Look and
A Download, If You Like 3d Mandelbulb Fractal Art. :)
I Plan on Adding a Vol 3 Page Very Soon, Just Finalizing Which New Wallpapers
I Will Add, But Hoping to Have Vol 3 Page up Within the Month...
More Soon ...
Thank You to Each of You Who Drop By The Site For a Visit, Hopefully Some of the Art or Photos
Can Inspire You, Or Bring You Joy in Some Way.
Please Consider Sharing the Page on Your Social Media Sites,
The Support Helps Me More Then You May Realize.
& If You Happen to Be Able Too & Or Feel the Need to Donate to A Artist in Need
Hit This Link & Donate to My Art -  Paypal Donation

News March 25th 2o21-
Hello Folks, Some Minor Updates, 
Added 8 New Free Wallpapers on a 2nd Page, More Coming Soon... Link to it is
At the Bottom of the Wallpapers Vol 1 Page.
Will Be Adding New Images Soon, in Photo Sections & Art Galleries
Trying to Figure out Which Pieces to Add... For Now, Drop by Either my Page
& or My Facebook Page to See Newer Images.
Please Like & Share Them If you Enjoy the Creations :)
More News Soon.
If You Need Art For a Project, Please Consider My Work, You Can License an Exisiting Piece 
Or I Can Create Brand New Art Specific to Your Needs, Pricing is Always Negotiable.
Contact Me At Facebook , Or Here with The Guestbook.
Thank You ALL... for the new & Continued Support.

News January 2nd 2021-

Hello All, Happy New Yr ... Here is to Hoping 2021 Is a Bit Better Then 2020...
It Was a Tough Year For Sure, I Just Want to Say A Huge Thank You to Those of You Who Continued to Show Support
For My Art & Creativity, It Really Means A lot.
I've Been Working on New Stuff & Will Add Several new Pieces Here Soon.
You Can View a Couple of Newer Pieces At My Page & Mt Gallery For Now...
I Will Do My Best to Get The New Things Here in The Next Wk or So...
Don't Forget, You Can License Most of My Artwork For Your Projects, Book Covers, Cd/Album Covers,
WebSite Art, & Much More, Just Drop Me a Message at My Facebook or Devianrtart Pages For More Info or If You Have Questions...
More Soon

News October 29th 2020-
Hello All, 
Let Me Start By Saying a Huge Thank you to Each of you Who Stop In For a Visit,
I Know I Have not been doing Loads of Updates, But to Be Honast, With Everything Going On Around the World
I Have had Little Work This Yr, So Other Then Updates on Fascebook & New Art Here & There, I Have Not Been As Creative
As I Normally Am...
It's Been a Rough Year For So Many, All Around the World.. I Try & Not Complain To Much.
I'm Just Happy to Be Able to Still Do What I Love, & Well... I'm Making Little Money Right Now.. But...
Again, So Are So Many Others...
But That is Why It Means So Much to Me For Each Visit.. I Hope You Find A Unique Image & Can Enjoy it,, As A Cool Wallpaper
Or Something to Share, Please Remember, Most of My Art Can Be Licensed Out For Use as Book Covers, Cd/Album Covers, Prints & Much More..
On That Note.. For Those of you Who Like My Photography, The Flowers & Macro Shots.. 
Here are Links to My Latest 2021 Calendars...
1 with Traditional Flower Photos, 14 Total Images If You Include the Front & Bacxk Covers...
& 1 Using the 365NM UV Light For the Flower Photos... Creating Truly Unique & Beautifully Different Images.
Again With 14 Total Images, .. Please Consider an Order...
High Quality, Thick Paper Calendars..

UV Flowers - 

Normal Flower Photos - 

Thank You , Please Visit My Facebook Page For Brand New Sacred Geometry Artwork...
More Soon.
Thank You For The New & Continued Support.

News June 29th 2020-
Hello People...
Well the World is falling apart it seems, & being creative has been a real struggle,
obviously like so many others, Things Aren't Great right now..
the demand for any kind of custom art seems to have gone away , which is understandable
but it has made life really hard, again , much like so many others making ends meat is really tough right now.
if you need art for a project & you think I can help.
please consider dropping me a message at my facebook or pages.
please stay safe, take this seriously, but don't lose hope.
I hope things can get back to some level of normal soon, but I Fear that, Likely wont happen
with so many people not taking all this serious enough, or maybe it's that so many just simply don't care.
.... I Hope I Can Continue... but we shall see.
much luv people, thank you, truly, for any & all support.
the new & the continued  , it means the world to me.
Thank You.

News - February 11th - 2020
Hello All, Loads of Images Added to All New Album Collections
Please Hit The Link & Check Them Out, 
Covering My Artwork Styles & Some of My Photography as Well,
These Offer a Good Look Into What I Create, Please Enjoy & Don't
Worry If You Prefer One Style Over Another, I Need to Create, & Express Myself,
All These Things Allow Me to Do That, But It's Ok to Not Like Some of What I Do, Here Is Hoping
You Can Find Something That You Do Like However  LOL :)
More Added Soon...
Will Still Be Doing Some Site Tweaks, Things May Change Here & There, But For Now,
The Site Has a Good Amount of Content & I Plan to Add More Soon.
I Have Almost 20 yrs Worth of Content, & Yes, I'am STILL Creating :)
If you Would Like a Print or to License a Piece of Art For Your Project,
Please Drop Me a Message, I Will Have a New Email Contact Set up Soon..
But For Now Please Send Me a Message At Facebook, Or My Page :)
Thank You All For the New & Continued Support.
More Soon, 

News - February 6th - 2020

Adding Loads of Images For Each Gallery Collection, Many More to Come, 
Some Links & Place Holder Text May Still Be Showing Up... Should Have It All Handled by Early Next Wk.
For Now, Message Me At my Page..
More Soon !

February 4th - 2020 -

Hello All,
Yes You Are Correct If You Are a Longtime Visitor, The Website is Going Through Some Changes

I'am Creating a Bit Simpler, Less Time Consuming For Me to Update Site...
There Will Be Several Place Holder Text & Links, for A Bit Longer, So If Something Doesn't Look or Act Right, This is Why.
I Will Hopefully Have The Main Info & Links Working ASAP.
More Pages & Artwork Is Planned to Be Added Very Soon.
I Will Have Different Gallery Albums of Lots of My Work
So Click the Albums Page to View What I Have Available Now.

Much More Coming Soon.. As Setting It Up Is Much Easier on Me, So Heres to Hoping For More Regular Updates...

More Info Soon.
Thank You to Each of You For The New & Continued Support.




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